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The Elite Apes (EA) Community of Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) has announced a partnership with Whisky³ (W³) to disrupt rare whisky collecting through web3, NFTs & the world’s 1st genuine community of whisky lovers & real life whisky experiences.

Founded in June 2021, Elite Apes (EA) has a current membership of more than 150 members. Collectively they own more than 400 BAYC, MAYC (Mutant Apes Yacht Club) and BAKC (Bored Apes Kennel Club). Whisky! is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Hugh Bell & innovator David Stewart Howitt & includes world renowned whisky experts, Peter Prentice OG & Mahesh Patel. 

Elite Apes Whisky³ World (EAWW) is a, salon privé community of pioneering whisky lovers, utilizing web3 technologies to revolutionize our whisky experience. Our NFT grants whitelist access to drops on rare whiskies, priceless whisky experiences, attend fireside chats with OGs Peter Prentice, Mahesh Patel plus master distillers and blenders, & other guest star whisky celebs.

Real life priceless whisky experiences include, a grand EAWW whisky convention, travel, tours, masterclasses, dining and tastings in addition to ownership and participation in EAWW bricks and mortar developments.

All EAWW collectible NFTs are asset backed. Community driven collaborations for exclusive drops will be open to all marques across the industry from distillers to private collectors.

EAWW’s launch drop is their premier “The Angel’s Share” charity auction, as part of their longer term Philanthropic Program. Chivas Brothers’ (the Scotch whisky business of Pernod Ricard) as the inaugural community donor, is generously contributing their last available very rare set of Royal Salute Age Collection II, a celebration of longevity & dedication in the year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne & became Britain’s longest serving monarch.

Chairman CEO Chivas Bros Jean-Etienne Gourgues

As Chairman and CEO of Chivas Brothers says “I am wholeheartedly committed to introducing new audiences to Scotch whisky through innovation in the digital as well as physical world. I believe that increasing our footprint in web3 is an important part of this future. As such, we are absolutely delighted to support the Elite Apes (EA) community of Bored Apes Yacht Club and congratulate them on becoming one of the most influential communities within web3.

Peter Prentice OG

A man for all seasons and a pioneering legend within the industry, Peter has been passionately promoting Scotch whisky across all corners of the globe for over 36 years. His considerable experience has been gained having represented Justerini & Brooks, Highland Distillers, and Chivas Bros. 1995 made a 'Keeper of the Quaich’. 2005 inducted as ‘Master of the Quaich’. 2015-2022 elected Chairman of the ‘Keepers of the Quaich’ for 2 terms. Inducted into the Worshipful Company of Distillers in 2019 & now appointed OG of the Elite Apes Whisky³ World.

Mahesh Patel OG

Legendary whisky whale Mahesh has been collecting the world’s rarest whiskies for over 30 years, His private vault is valued at over US$35m. He founded ‘Universal Whisky Experience’ and “Nth Ultimate Whisky Experience" in Las Vegas. One extraordinary tour culminated with a dinner party at Hampton Court Palace where he opened a $1m bottle of ‘Royal Salute Tribute to Honour’ for his guests to enjoy. 2012 made a ‘Keeper of Quaich’ & is the 1st American granted ‘Freedom of the City of London’. 2014 inducted as ’Liveryman of Worshipful Company of Distillers’. 2022 appointed OG of the Elite Apes Whisky³ World.

Rare whisky Vs other collectible non-banking assets - Mahesh Patel

I've been collecting and enjoying whisky for over three decades, and in the past 20 years I've seen real traction in collecting. However in the last 10 years rare whiskies and luxury spirits have gained notable presence, not only as collectibles, but as non-bankable assets. My collection is out preforming their counterparts (watches, jewelry and art) by 3-4x. Depending on branding & provenance appreciation, I have achieved from 35% to 50% per year.

About EA

Elite Apes (EA) aims to leverage Web 3.0 technology for social improvement and innovative development. In June 2021, the EA was founded by a group of early Bored Ape Yacht Club holders. The group has 150+ core members who are professionals from various backgrounds, including investors, developers and analysts. It stimulates boundless opportunities and partnerships in real life. 
The EA receives honorable support from the British Museum for promoting art and technology on behalf of the Museum. Recent advisory services include the Olympic gold medallists and university NFT and Blockchain associations.  The EA hosted large-scale NFT exhibitions and panel sharing at commercial malls. Along with the increasing awareness in the society, the EA was invited to be interviewed in prominent newspapers, magazines and TV shows. Furthermore, the EA serves as a trustful channel to continuously educate and update the general public about effective blockchain protection and the latest NFT news.

About W³

Whisky³ (W³) the ultimate platform offering all IRL luxury whisky and spirits brands, elevation to the most influential web3 communities. The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Hugh Bell and technology innovator David Stewart Howitt who recognized web3’s greatest attribute is“Community Creates Brand in IRL and URL”. With our whisky experts Peter Prentice OG & Mahesh Patel, W³ brings a wealth & depth of unique industry & private collector knowledge to their joint-venture with Elite Apes Whisky³ World.

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